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Career Coaching & Planning

For early, mid or later career professionals                                 

Sometimes we get so caught up in the doing of our jobs we don’t take time to look at our career holistically.

What is the life you are trying to create and how does your career fit into that aspiration?

What does your next job look like?

What skills do you need to hone or learn?

Is the work you’re doing now going to still be in demand in 5-10 years?

Will the work you’re doing now be done the same way in the next 3-5 years?

What should you be doing to put yourself on the right track to achieve your goals?

How do you need to evolve your thinking, skills and experience to stay competitive in Industry 4.0?

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I have an effective methodology and approach supported by relevant and valid systems that will enable you and I to:

  • Identify your strongest habits of behavior that drive you to be at your best

  • Correlate these habits to career options that would be the best fit for you to pursue

  • Create a 5-year action plan that is clear, specific, practical and in line with your goals and strengths.

How it Works:

Coaching with Karla – You and I will work together to clarify your thinking, identify your direction through strategic planning, map your route, stay on task with actions, prepare you for interviews, collaborate on options and more.

I have strategic partnerships with professionals who provide the following resources that I will use in our work together:

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Shadowmatch®- Using highly developed and validated AI algorithm, the results from taking the online worksheet will identify your strongest habits, your conceptual fitness, task efficiency, preferred approach to handling day to day activities and how they work together toward your success and pointing toward your best fit career path. This is behavioral-based and predictive. It is not a trait assessment!

LifeStream Digital Innovations

LifeStream Digital Innovations – This app provides a platform on which you will create an easy-to-build portfolio. Totally customizable, you will be able to make this available for viewing via a link that can be embedded in your resume or sent via email. It will distinguish you from competitors by allowing prospective employers to see you in action outside and inside the work environment and understand more about who you are; not solely what you’ve done.

(See my Partners Page for more information on Shadowmatch® and LifeStream Digital Innovations®)

You must ACT from a plan that is specific, practical, customized to you and aligned with your goals!

Call me at 732-492-8114 or email me to have a complimentary call about

how I can help you clarify your career goals and path. 

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