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About  Me

The Executive's NeuroCoach™

When I was considering leaving the world of being an employee to create my own business, there was this golden thread that stood out illuminating the central theme of my success in all of my previous jobs: I'm highly adept at igniting insight, personal growth and action by challenging the way people think.  

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My Story

The Executive's Neuro Coach™

A dyed-in-the-wool New Jersey girl, I was born and raised here in the Garden State. My sister and I were fortunate enough to be raised by parents who gave us enough space to grow and fail forward, making sure we understood the lessons learned. They set certain boundaries but most of all were a great blend of creativity and groundedness which encouraged me to challenge my mind, body and spirit. And I did.

Growing up in our home was like living in the United Nations building: We must have had just about every nationality, race, and religion represented by the fascinating people who walked through our door and ate at our table. Sharing our stories with each other and laughing made a lasting impression. (Humor is in my DNA from both parents.) We were not rich people but I always felt wealthy because of these experiences. It was fabulous. I speak French and Spanish and know a handful of words in about 7 other languages. Though fluency in any of those languages eludes me, I take comfort in knowing that I could be dropped into most of the world and would not starve. 

I'm a resourceful and somewhat risk-taking type. Every job I went for and landed had an element of stretch in it. Translation: I wasn't exactly qualified or I was short on actual experience. Still, that didn't stop me from excelling at every company at which I worked. In 1999, I opened my own business, The Karla Factor, LLC t/a Shifting Gears®. I love to laugh, travel, find cool places to eat, experience new things, learn, and be with people smarter than I am. Mostly, I am dedicated to being in service to others. If people are at their best, they can do their best in contributing to shape our society, local and global, into its best self.  This was another gift from my parents who taught by example that this was the central quality of a life well-lived. I hope to live such a life.


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