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Academic Planning

For High School Sophomores – Seniors   & Students already in college

There’s a lot to think about when you’re trying to make the right choice for your major let alone what colleges to apply to.


It can get confusing.

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I have assisted students in figuring this out by first listening to them: Their dreams, what they love to do, what they’re interested in and what they are already doing in their lives. A lot of times, this helps me see patterns that start to point to specific types of learning and majors and sometimes, careers.


Some students already know what they want to do as a career and what to major in while others may have a vague idea of their major or what they want to do as a career but may not see the path to get there and others may not have an idea at all.


No worries. I can help you explore possibilities and get the clarity you need. Let’s face it, investing in a post-high school education can cost…a bundle. Recent statistics have shown that 41% of college students do not finish their undergraduate degree in 4 years. Why? Many times, it is because they realized they were on the wrong track for a major or in the wrong school. Now they had to switch schools or switch majors and take extra courses to make up for the gap. More money and time.

Why not increase your chances of getting it right the first time?

This is where having an academic planning coach can help:

  • I use a system called Shadowmatch® that has you take an online worksheet that gives you results that identify your habits of behavior and other measures that suggest certain types of careers that will be your best fit. I work with you to identify and explore them.

  • These results will also point us to what kinds of majors will align with the broad choices of best fit careers that are suggested so that you can begin to get clarity on what academic majors to pursue.

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  • From there, it will be easier to figure out what colleges are best aligned with your selected majors as well as the other criteria you have for selecting the best college or post-high school education.

  • Lastly, I will connect you with a resource called LifeStream Digital Innovations® that will enable you to put together the best portfolio for wherever you may apply for college, internships or a first job. You can upload and showcase all your activities, accomplishments, community service, essays and more. It will distinguish you from the crowd and help you tell your story in a compelling way.

Call me at 732-492-8114 or email me to have a complimentary call about

how I can help you clarify your academic future.  

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