No sales pitches and no fluff. Just a thought-provoking dialog with Karla that will help you solve a challenge you're having right now.

If you haven't watched Karla's introductory video, explaining her philosophy and techniques, you may watch it here:


With humor, insight and stories that hit home, Karla Robertson provokes thought in her audiences and challenges them to make meaningful shifts to supercharge their careers and lives.


  • “Where Eagles Dare”: Keynote - This is an engaging, lift-you-up, blast-open-the-door-of- empowerment-and-possibilities presentation. It challenges the audience to shift their thinking to make the best of what is by seeing what can be! Audience members will leave checking their recession mentality at the door and realize that it isn't circumstances that determine our's the way we choose to think about them.
  • “What Was I Thinking?”: Keynote or breakout - How to make better decisions – How are you connecting the dots? This talk is about how our brains operate and how we can pay more attention to the internal chatter that's going on and redirect our thought process to a more productive route. Wonder how you can make better decisions? Listen to this! Q&A, interactive as breakout.
  • “What's Your Story?”: Keynote or breakout - Focuses on the stories we tell ourselves which influence how we show up and process incoming information that is all around us. Our stories influence how we see, understand, make choices and act in the world. Becoming aware of what stories are active in your life can help you assess whether it's working for you or not and how you can reprogram your mind to pay attention to other stories that are more productive. Q & A included for breakout.
  • “Building Presence and Influence” - This is a breakout session that is focused on how to effectively distinguish yourself through a consultative selling approach that builds trust, credibility and respect and the foundation upon which people will make buying decisions. I will go through the 5 key areas of building this kind of connection with prospects and clients. Q&A included.
  • “Didn’t I Just Say That?: Getting Your Message Heard” - This is a breakout session that helps you ensure that you make an impression with your message that people pay attention to. I will give you the elements to making sure you get heard! Q&A included for breakout

Speaking Appearances

  • June 2008 - IHRIM Conference – Orlando, FL - “Didn’t I Just Say That?: Getting Your Message Heard”
  • January 2009 - CORE-East Quarterly Meeting – Teaneck, NJ - "Challenging Your Thinking"
  • February 2009 - IHRIM Webinar Panelist - "Where Do I Go from Here?: Job Hunting in a Volatile Economy"
  • March 2009 - NJPCA - "What I've Learned So Far..." (Presentation to NJ coaches)
  • April 2009 - IHRIM Conference – San Diego, CA - “What Was I Thinking?: Making Better Choices” and “Keeping Things Ship Shape – How to Keep Yourself Relevant in Today’s Marketplace” (co-presenter)
  • February 3, 2010 - JCCC - Scotch Plains, NJ -  "What's Your Story?" (Jobsearch networking group)
  • March 16-18, 2010 - NFMT (National Facilities & Technology Conference) - Baltimore, MD - TOPIC: "Getting Your Message Heard"
  • April 8, 2010 - Mortgage Bankers Association of NJ - Women's Professional Division . Topic: "We Are What We Think"
  • January 21, 2011 - LeadNJ Opening Retreat: 2 Sessions- MBTI Facilitation for 60 people and leadership presentation, "We Are What We Think"
  • May 7, 2011 - New Jersey School Board Association - "We Are What We Think"
  • November 2011 - LeadNJ closing retreat-"How to Start a Movement"
  • January 2012 - LeadNJ - Opening Retreat - MBTI facilitation and presentation
  • December 2012 - LeadNJ - Closing Retreat and leadership presentation, "Building Influence & Buy-in"
  • June 2013 - CORE-East - Presentation: "Shifting Gears: Getting the Most Mileage from Your Marketing Efforts."
  • July 2013 - Rutgers Protestant Campus Ministry Board Retreat - Mission, Vision & Board Expectations