No sales pitches and no fluff. Just a thought-provoking dialog with Karla that will help you solve a challenge you're having right now.

If you haven't watched Karla's introductory video, explaining her philosophy and techniques, you may watch it here:


Private Clients

Think about one thing that would make a huge difference in your current role or in your life if you were to make it happen. What if that thing wasn't just a thought in your head but a reality that was already bringing the benefits, joys and achievements you imagine? What is realizing this benefit worth to you? What's the cost of not realizing it this week? this month? I challenge the way my clients think so that they gain insight to the actions that will create real and lasting benefits for themselves...and I will do the same for you. Take a coaching test drive with me. Sign up here!

The following services are provided:

  • Two scheduled one-hour meetings (by phone or in-person)
  • "Karla on Call": Just in time access (subject to my availablity)
  • Unlimited email support
  • Selected assessments and debriefs
  • A stream of resources geared to your specific needs, goals and interests
  • Introductions/networking to people who can assist you in achieving your goals or be a useful resource

Length of Engagement 

I offer 6- and 12-month engagements. Even after an engagement has ended, I feel my clients are always my clients and I will continue every now and then to send them information that I feel would be valuable to them based on what I learned to be their interests and needs in and out of the work environment.

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