No sales pitches and no fluff. Just a thought-provoking dialog with Karla that will help you solve a challenge you're having right now.

If you haven't watched Karla's introductory video, explaining her philosophy and techniques, you may watch it here:

Mission & Values

My Mission is to give my clients an experience that leaves them able to say

  • They got their ROI on their coaching investment 
  • They are able to define what they got out of being coached and the value they realized 
  • They are more aware of who they are and what they stand for as a human being and understand how that is connected to a healthy bottomline 
  • They understand that it is in the being as well as the doing that people begin building the foundation of great leadership in themselves and others 
  • They are acutely aware of the impact of their choices on their own life and the lives of others when they choose wisely or poorly 
  • They have enhanced their self-awareness and connect that to how they lead, communicate and make decisions 
  • They have made transformational shifts that will allow them to consistently apply new thinking and practices for higher results 
  • They are better prepared to hire the right people 
  • They are better problem solvers because I did not tell them what to do but provided a stimulating and supportive environment for them to figure it out themselves. 
  • They are willing to recommend my services 
  • They had fun along the way 

My Values

Trustworthiness - This is earned not bestowed because of position or title. All coaching conversations are confidential. I will not hold back what needs to be said. I will be candid without leaving a bruise. If anything in the coaching relationship isn’t working we will talk about it with candor and respect.

Competency - I consider it my obligation to my clients to continue my education so that I may put what I learn from other experts in the field of coaching and its related studies into what I practice to deliver the highest value to my clients.

Value - I realize that value is in the eye of the client. I seek to provide value to my clients above and beyond what they imagined by consistently asking myself, “What else could I be doing for this person?”

Respect - I understand that the clients have survived without me for many years; they don’t need me to tell them what to do. 

Reliability - I will be present, e.g. not be multitasking or thinking where I need to be next. I will do what I say I’m going to do

Humor – It’s part of who I am and it will find its way into our work together; if you got it, bring it!

Candor - I will be candid and want the same from my clients; we’ll crash and burn without it. This means I will give you the straight story. It will be delivered in the spirit of building and sustaining a relationship in which we can come to rely on each other for candid feedback and insights, positive or negative.