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FAQs > Top Questions > How confidential are my calls with you especially if my company is paying you?

Confidentiality is the cornerstone of the coaching profession.  My relationship with my clients is 100% confidential during our coaching engagement and forever after it has ended. Regardless of whether my client is paying me directly as a private client or I am being paid through a corporate engagement, the content of the coaching conversations is always confidential. The only time confidentiality will be broken is if I am subpoened by law, if my client tells me they are intending to hurt themselves or others, or tells me they are doing something illegal or subversive to their organization.

In the case of a corporate engagement where there is an expectation of report back to the hiring authority or to sponsors or superiors, there is a very high level summary of coaching progress and ground covered but this is agreed upon and understood by ALL parties (including the persons being coached) during the contracting phase at the beginning of the engagement so that everyone is clear about the boundaries of confidentiality. No details of conversations are shared in this situation. Under no circumstances will I accept engagements where there is an expectation that I will share the content of any coaching conversation. Confidentiality is iron-clad and 100% non-negotiable.


Last updated on July 2, 2009 by Karla Robertson