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Corporate Clients

We have heard for years that there are "natural born leaders".  Actually, leadership is not a matter of your gene pool but of your will to bring forward and develop (that means deliberately practice) your skill level in particular talents you possess right now. Not everyone has the same skills and no leader will have them all. It's a matter of recognizing your unique array of talents and skills within those talents and turn them into something powerful and successful. This is not about of the haves and the have-nots except where your will is concerned. Executives who make it happen are those who have a meaning and purpose for themselves as well as a clear vision of what success looks like. They are willing to invest in themselves and have the committment to mindfully practice the skills that will take them and their teams where they need to go regardless of circumstances.

Executives are being called upon to generate results in an increasingly volatile, ambiguous, complex, and uncertain world driven by the lightening speed of technology. The successful executive has created a way to mentally operate in this world and prioritize, focus, connect, inspire and delegate effectively. They identify and create alignment between their home life values and business life values that enables them to maintain the stamina to make good decisions and achieve their goals.

Sample of services for corporate clients:

  • Individual executive and/or team coaching
  • Building presence and influence
  • Building confdidence as a presenter
  • Leadership development coaching
  • Team building workshops
  • Executive retreats
  • Meeting facilitation to drive progress on key issues
  • Assessments for executives and teams
  • Speaker services for conferences or off-site meetings

Services are customized to specific needs. Please contact Karla to discuss.

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