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The Coaching
Engagement Process

Setting the Groundwork (Contracting)

Nothing solid is ever built on a weak or incomplete foundation. During this upfront phase, the coaching participant, stakeholders and I scope out and agree to expectations, goals, timing, investment and how we will measure success. This is a critical phase that will serve as the common reference point which will measure progress and ROI.


Depending on the client and situation, I may use one or more assessments which will be incorporated and pulled through the work my client and I will do together. If it is a team engagement, team reports as well as individual results will also be woven into all the conversations and facilitations with the team. Intermediate assessments will also be taken to assess midterm progress so that there are no surprises at the end of the engagement and if there are adjustments that need to be made mid-course, we can have the information that will help us do so.

Coaching Calls/Meetings 

Whenever possible, a face-to-face meeting is held especially in the beginning. It's always a good idea to 'eyeball' each other. Most calls with my executive clients are held over the phone. Depending on the program they select, they will have access to me by phone, Skype™ and email above and beyond the 2 scheduled hours per month. I realize that an executive's life on the job is often 'emergent' and when something arises about which they need some quick feedback or a sounding board, I want them to know they can reach for me.


I will consistently provide resources and emails that offer ideas or thoughts relevant to my client. This may include books, links to websites, connections to others in my network, articles, and more.


At regular intervals, I will check in to see how we are doing against expectations and goals with the person I am coaching. This will also include, based on the upfront agreements, brief meetings with the manager and/or stakeholders of the person(s) being coached. Subsequent milestone assessments are also made with observers when 360 assessments have been utilized. This includes phone interviews as well as on-line assessment tools.


At the end of the engagement, I will do a final check-in with all parties that have been part of this process and hold a summary meeting with the person(s) who were coached and their managers.


My clients consistently point to my candor, humor, directness and ability to get to the root issue that is keeping them from realizing expected results or becoming an exemplary leader. They see me as a trusted advisor, challenger, truth-sayer, and sounding board. Someone who will challenge the way they think and see themselves and the current issues they face. Someone with whom they can kick their shoes off and discuss what's blinking the brightest on their radar... with candor, compassion, focus and collaboration.