I am a NeuroCoach. What does that mean? That means that my interactions with my clients focus on how they think. This approach creates better thinking in my clients and their teams. Thinking drives decisions which drive choices which drive actions toward outcomes.  Therefore, talking about the problem may be interesting but talking about how a person is thinking about it is more useful to solving it. This is where insight can be sparked to see it differently. By shifting how people think and connect the dots, they are able to build new neural pathways in their brain and create new "habits of mind" that will assist them in becoming better thinkers who make better decisions that generate better results. 

I draw my clients' focus to become aware of how their thinking is molded and affected by many factors such as: Their hardwiring, their life experiences, nurturing, culture, belief systems, health, stamina, needs, talents, etc. These factors shape thinking which in turn drives choices, behaviors and actions. We discuss how they can best deal with situations that they don't always control. We discuss how to make the best of where they are with what they have by focusing on their resourcefulness more than their resources. I call this “The MacGuyver Factor”. We discuss the systems that are in play in their world and how they are connected and interact. How does a decision here have impact somewhere else in the system? Exemplary leaders know about systems thinking and therefore do not engage in quick fix actions for the most part. They realize that it’s not about the circumstances; it’s about how one chooses to think about them that determines results. I challenge my clients to think differently about what they have and what is happening right now. How else can they think about their current situation and what they have available to them? How can they begin to make it work for them?

I have a systematic approach to working with my clients over which I stretch the fabric of organic interaction that allows the conversation to go where it needs to go. I seek to challenge their thinking to ignite insights and then serve as their collaborator, sounding board, and observer to bring those insights to action and results by keeping them on track.

Why I do what I do

Leaders are becoming increasingly challenged to process the shifting demands and fierce volatility of an uncertain world and make ethical and effective decisions. They struggle to make choices that line up with their authentic self and what they care about while still serving in an executive role delivering results and leading their workforce through the transitions that change triggers. This awareness drives why I am a coach...

I believe in the audacious power of our minds to rise above circumstances and create better outcomes.

I believe to create better outcomes, we need to make better choices.

I believe to make better choices we need to become better thinkers.

What I do

I help executives become better thinkers.

How I do it

The way I help create better thinkers is by engaging my clients in a process that focuses on currently active situations and priorities in their lives. With an eye to creating clarity and alignment with forward looking goals, I offer leaders a way to become "the observer" of how their own minds create meaning and make connections in response to their experiences, demands, relationships, successes and failures. 

With candor, humor, and an infusion of what brain science teaches us, I challenge their existing belief systems about these situations and ignite new ways to "see it" which in turn enables them to create new possibilities and new questions in addition to building new habits of mind.

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